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70 out of 97 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is one of my favorites. I love how its a different kind of co-op than the survival/race against time (pandemic and forbidden island) genre. It’s incredibly easy to teach and is very compact.

My group did not like that two facts…one that it’s scored versus a win/lose condition. They were not at all satisfied that we came up with a “good performance.” They wanted to just win! They also didn’t like how frustrating the game can get when you know you are not going to do that well.

Although I would highly recommend it, I’d be careful and assess your own playgroup before you make this purchase (although it’s hardly a high stakes investment).

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53 out of 63 gamers thought this was helpful

This game just did not do it for me. The deduction element as other people have mentioned is way too light. You can also just get stupid lucky and it’s not really fun for you or your opponent.

I unfortunately bought this full price, and really only played it 2-3 times. I’ve been very disappointing.

Its fortunately a simple game, and is easy to teach/learn. That however does not overcome the fact that it takes too long and is waaay to expensive for what you get out of it. I’d stay clear of this one.

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61 out of 74 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is currently my playgroup’s very favorite. It has so many juicy elements that add intrigue and re-playability to the game. The randomness of dice rolling and push your luck elements add a ton of excitement to the game. Bang!: The Dice Game also allows for deduction, bluffing, and has differentiated roles that add an extra element. Another plus is the quick game play. Most games last only 20ish minutes, even with 8 players. In addition, even if you are eliminated, most roles (excluding the renegade) have win conditions that can still be achieved post mortem, and you have people to root for even though you are done rolling.

The only downsides to the game that I have experienced are the unbalanced roles. Some roles are really lame (dodging gattling gun hits), while some seem overpowered (making players take an arrow every time they shoot you).

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47 out of 103 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a beautifully crafted game that lets players play at different levels. It will fully satisfy the 10 year old that just wants to blow stuff up and the chess grandmaster that wants to search for the optimal move and think 3 turns ahead. It’s also very easy to get people to play this game that are not-so-heavy gamers.

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