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40 out of 45 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a fun and easy to learn game. If you have an outgoing group the players can get really into it. It has become a favorite of my regular group. We have even had dress up “Bang” game night!

In this game everyone has two parts to their character. You draw a card to be either the sheriff, deputy, outlaw, or the renegade. Only the sheriff reveals their role. You also pick a character card that gives you a special power. This card also defines how many lives you have.

Everyone is dealt a hand of action cards. These include bangs (shots you can fire), misses (how you dodge a bang), and other cards like beer for a new life, and other ways to get cards and hurt other players. You can also get a gun card that expands your shooting range. Each turn you take a card and then use action cards. You choose who to bang (shoot), guess who is on your side and who is against you.

Your goal of the game depends on your role. Sheriff and deputies want to kill the outlaws. Outlaws want to kill the sheriff. The renegade wants everyone to die, first the outlaws and then the sheriff. The game ends when either all of the outlaws or the sheriff dies. Games typically last 20-30 minutes.

This game is good for social groups. It would also be a great game for people who are still new to gaming since it is easy to play and pretty funny. There are a lot of banging jokes involved when playing with a mature group.

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