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7 out of 9 gamers thought this was helpful

I really enjoyed playing this game. After I played this game 4 times, I was ready to go on to playing D&D. When I had played that many times I really got the hang of the game and Role Playing games. But now I decided I wanted to move on to D&D.
I liked the world and the characters that this game provided. In the world there are different rifts. They were all odd, unique, made-up places that the Poppins/player(s) end up in, coming from the normal world. Also there were more unique places inside each rift you can explore, for example, Venture. Venture was the capital city of all of Storm Hollow, which every creature was part off it physically, and magically. For the characters there is a group of multiple different magical people a player can be. Someone could make any character they wanted from these, but has to be one of the classes given.
My favorite part of the game is the world/places and characters. They were very artistic and unique. Other than helping my understand RPGs I also loved that part of this game too.

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this is my very favorite game. It can make people want to play it over and over. It is a game where you have to guess the last persons drawing, or draw what the last persons said they thought the other persons drawing. You first write a secret word that you get from a card. if you just started playing there and didn’t Finnish reading you would wonder, ” how can i choose there is so much card choices?” but you have to notice there are dice numbers. There you would roll the dice to figure out what to choose and pick a side, because there are two sides. Next you would write it down, not show, or tell anyone it. You then flip to the next page and draw a picture of. Last you pass it, and the guessing and drawing begin. at the very end you finally get it back after getting passed around, and read your dry-erase tablet. it can be really funny, like turning a hot tub into a black hole. Or it could stay the same the whole time. It is a really fun game to play, and a great game to play with your family! c;

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