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Zombie Dice

16 out of 18 gamers thought this was helpful

Time: As little as 2 minutes if someone gets lucky and rolls well at the beginning. Can be very long if you have a lot of people play.
Players: 1- infinity =), There is no max amount of players, but I would not recommend anymore than 10 because then the game really slows down.

Push your luck game. Very quick game to play. Good to pull out when you’re waiting for others to arrive to play the more “meatier” games. I’ve found that non-gamers have enjoyed playing this because you can casually sit around a table and just roll the dice while talking.

Very minimal strategy other than knowing that green dice are easiest to score , yellow dice harder to score and red the hardest to score for brains.

Very portable so you can bring the game just about anywhere. I do find the lid to come off easily though if you don’t store it upright when carrying it around.

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