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Eldritch Horror

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I’m a newbie to the whole board gaming hobby, I’ve only started collecting (and playing) these modern board games this year. Coincidentally, I’ve only recently started reading Lovecraft’s fiction. Being the type of person that dives deep into a new interest, I bought Eldritch Horror after weeks lusting for it.

I won’t delve into the mechanics as the other reviews have already put it into more detail than I ever could.


I’ve had this game for a month and have only been able to play it three times due to limited opportunities to actually play. I’ve played it once as a 2-player and twice as 3-players cooperating against the Ancient One.

The rules are actually fairly easy to learn – but the game is difficult. We haven’t won a yet and have our behinds handed to us when we thought we were doing fine.

That’s what the game does well. At the start, you and your fellow investigators are all confident and optimistic. You’ll have a strategy in your head and amongst yourselves. However, the random challenges that the game throws at you can quickly throw a wrench in your plans.

You’ll quickly feel the desperation as you and your fellows are scattered around the globe trying to rest but looking at the Mythos deck and what horrors it can spew at you.

All three of our plays were exciting and there were some moments where we exclaimed happily at triumphs and really felt down when a character died.

The game is intimidating (well, to a noob like me I guess) and the difficulty is quite high. But the game’s disregard for your (in-game) health is what makes me and my group keep coming back. We want to uncover more experiences, buy more assets/items so that we can rescue the world from Cthulhu (or whoever).

I’ve already picked up the Unseen Forces expansions and me and my mates are already chomping at the bit to face our next deaths.

Highly recommended to gamers who love theme and co-operation.

Two tentacles up!


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