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20 out of 28 gamers thought this was helpful

If you bought this game upon it’s release you may have thought “Good game, but it’s missing something”. Now 3 expansions and release of the stand alone Dragonspire/or expansion, this game keeps redefining itself as a leader for deck builder games.

What I enjoy about this game is how many different combonations of cards can make up the village, which is used as the holding place for buying cards to put into your deck.

Your deck is used for money, to buy cards, and for fighting monsters that come out of the dungeon.

Heroes gain experiance as they defeat monsters and they can level up durring the game. This game just has a ton of theme to match its great game play. It feels like an adventure every time.

At the end of the game when the Thunderstone is found (Randomly in the last 10 card of the monster deck)all players add up the points in their deck and the player with the most wins.

A++++ its my faviote deck builder.

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Rune Age

14 out of 32 gamers thought this was helpful

This deck building game will change everything you know about deck building games. It will challenge you to make different decisions based on the scenario you choose to play. With several unqiue ways to play this game, it has high replay value. We couln’t put this one down at Gen Con. The four factions/decks are balanced and allow for players to mix it up or pick what best suits their play style.

Only negitive I saw was the understanding of some of the play phases, but with some extra attention to the rule book you can find all the answers.

A++++ game a must have

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