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50 out of 56 gamers thought this was helpful

I can’t believe what I’m seeing !

The first time you see Blokus, it’s difficult not to fall in Love with that game. The simplicity of the rules, the retro Tetris design for the tiles, the colourful aspect of the board when you are playing your electric tiles… you think life is wonderful.

What did we like (at first)

Then you start the game and you enjoy every single move, you feel really excited about what is happening. My wife and my two daughters are enjoying the game too. What more can you ask for? Life is really wonderful.
I don’t want to spoil the party but… I lasts two games.

What happened then…

I don’t know why this magic fades that soon. Maybe because you feel like always playing the same game again and again, it gets repetitive very soon, … the lack of interest while you are playing it. It’s like you really control less the game than you think. The absence of depth as someone has said. The fact that even kids doesn’t find that it has a pleasure gameplaying… and the fact that this isn’t a cheap game (I think it really doesn’t carry what it costs).


The real fact is that nobody at home wants to play Blokus anymore. There are a lot of games that always come first. I’m still wondering the reason why this game doesn’t work for me and my family.

In our opinion, talking in the name of my whole family, this game seems better than it is.

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Spooky Stairs

46 out of 52 gamers thought this was helpful

I can’t imagine such an incredibly simple game with that strange funny “click” that turns your common game to a extremely funny one (when you are playing with your kids)

This game starts as a simple “racing” game only dice based (no cards, nothing more but one dice). It represents four kids trying to reach on the first position the end of creepy-beautiful stairs.
Simplicity at its best, but… will my kids love it? They will love it mainly when the “click” factor comes.

And when will it happen (the click)?

What turns this game in a hilarant festival is the phantom factor. Sooner or later the dice will transform every kid to a ghost, and when it happens, you simply won’t distinguish the diferent players, including yours… And at that moment, when confussion comes, is when Spooky Stairs shines.

I started my experiment just looking their faces… Simply brilliant seeing how diversion strongly appears… Your kids will start laughing as the confussion grows. You won’t know until the first ghost arrives which is the Player hidden inside.

Your Kids Will Simply Love It (and so will you). That’s the perfect game to play with children between 4 and 8. Believe me, that’s a game that they will Love, a very good initiation game to introduce your children into gameboard playing.

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70 out of 82 gamers thought this was helpful

Hi everybody from Barcelona (Catalonia, Europe) !

Friday is an easy game. Learning the rules won’t take you more than 5 minutes. The objective is to teach Robinson how to survive in his new habitat. You are Crusoe’s Friday, and your mission is making Robinson strong enough to face the fiercest pirate’s attack that occurs at the end.

We could say the game has two parts. The first one, where you try to build your best set of cards (it’s a deck building game), where you try to gain habilities (cards), that bring you more power to gain more habilities, as well as try to discard your worst cards. And the second one in which, with the deck that you build in the first part, you have to fight the pirates.

In my opinion, as long as you are playing, you forget the island, Robinson, Friday (“divendres” in my language), the pirates and everything… You don’t feel like you are surviving and fighting dangers… That is linked with the fact that this is a solitaire, and immersion in a game has a lot to do with the interaction between players, laughs, shouts, treads, …

The second thought is that this game doesn’t involve strategy, way less than King of Tokyo to mention a mainly luck based game. It’s a strongly luck based game which I don’t find good or bad, but it’s important to be said.

The third one is the fact that you spend more time shuffling your cards than really playing. That is a fact.

Having played Friday around 30 times, i’m glad i gained shuffling habilities, but i didn’t enjoy playing this game as much as I expected.

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