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55 out of 67 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is superb,
for this year I think this is the best politic , back stabbing, and negotiaton game ..

I like this game,

the rule is simple,
the play is not that complicated
just the negotiation is …

the pro:
the components are good, the game suit the theme of game of throne itself,
at the first time, I thought the flow of the games and how the player do battle will be complicated, in fact it isn’t

If you wonder why the game is taking so long time to play with, it is because of the negotiation and interaction between players which is the main part of this game.

the con is:
Because the components are so many,they will easy to scattered and get lost
and setting up taking long time..

sorry for my english, I am still practicing to write a good review with good grammar.. 🙂

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