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Legend of the Five Rings – Honor and Treachery - Board Game Box Shot

Legend of the Five Rings – Honor and Treachery

| Published: 2012
Expansion for Legend of the Five Rings
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In the heart of the Scorpion Clan lands, a samurai dies, and a war begins. Hopelessly divided over a matter of honor, the scholarly Phoenix Clan and the sinister Scorpion Clan find themselves at odds in a manner that cannot be resolved by diplomacy. Only war will settle this dispute, and only blood will wash away the stains upon the honor of both clans.

Honor and Treachery is L5R’s brand new Learn to Play Set for the Emperor Edition Arc. Play either the manipulative Scorpion or the peaceful Phoenix and learn the secrets behind the War of the Twins and the duel between Bayushi Nitoshi – the Scorpion Champion – and Shiba Tsukimi – the Phoenix Clan one that concluded it.

  • 2 fully playable decks in the Emperor format for the Phoenix and Scorpion Clan with exclusive cards for each Clan in them.
  • 2 unique deckboxes – to the colors of the Phoenix and Scorpion – to carry your deck with you at all times.
  • 1 64-pages story book on the War of the Twins, the war between the Phoenix and Scorpion Clans.
  • 1 fully illustrated rulebook that includes a full play by play guide of your first game of Legend of the Five Rings.
L5R: Honor and Treachery deckboxes and books

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Mantis Clan - Legend of the Five Rings
5 of 16 gamers found this helpful
“The Best L2P Set”

If you are looking to jump into L5R, this is the best Learn to Play set AEG has printed. There are a plethora of reprints from older sets here for current players as well.

The strongholds, holding, personalities, followers and spells all have simple, easy to understand abilities. I am a Tournament Organizer for L5R and I have designed my demo decks for new players to follow these mold set by two decks.

Very well done.

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Scorpion Clan-Legend of the Five Rings Beta 2.0 Tester
5 of 18 gamers found this helpful
“Looking to jump in?”

Compared to the regular products that L5R has out, Honor and Treachery features a full sized, step-by-step guide on how the decks should be played to give you a better idea and feel for the game play.

The decks provided in the set are designed to be playable right out of the gates without any customization. It features the twin clans, Phoenix (keeper of knowledge) and the Scorpion (keeper of secrets).


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