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Magic: The Gathering

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I started playing Magic the Gathering in July, 2013. Magic the Gathering has been a blast and I picked it up fairly quickly since I’ve played other TCGs.

I still make silly mistakes but I’ve had plenty of fun playing at the local level.

I like the regular friday Night Magic events, but I love the nights when we draft decks.

I’ve also participated in prerelease events and I have to say they are exciting nights. Getting a look at all the new cards and building a deck to compete with all the other gamers for the night and a chance to win several packs of the new cards is a blast!

Down to Business:


Fun and Exciting: The game has many twists and turns with all the different card types.
Customizable: Build your own deck to test your skills or look up a design in which you are interested.
Formats: You can play different formats to limit the cards usable and to find the nitche you enjoy most.
Easy to learn: The basic rules are easy to read and understand.


Costly: Playing competitively is really expensive.
Intimidating: The rules are long and varied.

Starting Ideas:

To begin playing MTG, I would suggest visiting your local game shop and asking a few questions and picking up a couple starter decks or a duel deck.
Determine the type of Planeswalker you wish to become.
Blue Mana planeswalkers use knowledge to stunt their opponents plans and get ahead.
Red Mana planeswalkers use fury and fire to blast their foes from the race.
White Mana planeswalkers use honor and justice to force back the others.
Green Mana planeswalkers use the might of the giant forest creatures to smash their opponents into smears.
Black Mana planeswalkers use the death magics to bring all to their knees.

Once you gain some experience, you will want to create decks of two colors and most starter decks are dual colored.

My starter deck was the Death Reaper deck and it was Black Mana with a splash of Red Mana. After a few games, I rebuilt the deck as a mono-colored black deck and had much more fun.


Magic the Gathering is fun for all kinds of people with different ideas and abilities. I started playing with the thought that I could stop if the Starter Deck I bought wasn’t any fun, but now half a year later I don’t want to quit.

Magic the Gathering is worth looking into.

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