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I must state that magic is timeless owing to the sheer number of strategies that can be executed due to the multiple components that it contains which are constantly being extended. Every time a new ‘Block’ is released the game is revitalised as a new mechanic is often introduced.

Magic boasts artwork of unparalleled quality, which I believe is part of the reason it has become so popular – as the game has grown more mature, the quality has increased to its current level, which add a new level of excitement to the game.

Multiple reviews have been posted so I will not go into the gameplay details and repeat the rules. I would however point out what I consider to be an issue for new users.

To me, Magic is a game that is fairly hard to get into – the sheer number of rules (over 900 and counting) makes it daunting to learn. A new player needs to be taught by another experienced (not to mention patient) player who is willing to go through the stack mechanic and the combat stages many times until the player has become more experienced. Similarly as new player will often possess a deck of limited organisation and runs the risk of being beaten over and over again by players with well refined decks (I consider myself an experienced player but struggle to compete against players who use Deck Builders tools and purchase individual cards to create incredibly powerful decks) which can remove the fun factor for the new player.

I would advise anyone interested in playing Magic to seek out a good community of players who are prepared to teach you how to play it well and build up your confidence.

In summary, an excellent game, but hard to get into initially.

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