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This expansion adds:

– 3 new “commodities” which act similar to resources
– A new co-op competition against the infamous “barbarian invasion”
– The Metropolis upgrade for cities.
– A reason for using two different color dice!
– A new event die!

This expansion also changes:

– The way knights works (it also adds three tiers of knights)
– The importance of cities

There are most definitely a few more things I haven’t mentioned but consider this the “gist” of changes.

Basically if you are looking for an expansion to spice up the Catan board a little more than Seafarers and bring economies more into the game C&K is the expansion you are looking for. Traders and Barbarians definitely adds more, but this is more refined and still a huge change worth the investment.

I’m taking two points off Easy to Learn because of how long it will take to adapt to the new rules and components. I’m taking one point off components because of how complex some things are explained in the rules book while some minor points are not fully explained.

Would I recommend this expansion? Definitely.

Took us 4 hours for 4 players on our first game.
Our 2nd game the following week took about 2 – 2 and 1/2 hours.

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