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I walked into forbidden planet the other day and found this. I’ve been having quite a lot of fun with it ever since!

To get the first thing out of the way, yes this game does rely a fair amount on luck. However, if you can get over that, there is a fair amount of thinking involved as well with the biggest combo you can pull off with your current hand. The game is quite forgiving to those doing badly, as when you die you get a dead wizard card, which will help at the start of the next round by giving extra life, or more cards.

The art for this game is fantastic. If you like shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, you will probably like the art style for this game. If you line up all the cards you play, they all merge together into one long card, even with borders which is a very nice touch.

The cards are all quite high quality and the backs are very nice to start with, there’s no chance of ever mixing them up. The manual is very detailed, has a quick referral guide on the back and has some setting fluff as well. The character cards, while silly, are all very well produced and amusing.

The dice are very nice quality, as are all the Last Wizard Standing tokens and the life counters. The mountain standee that’s included is quite pointless, but does add a little amusement for the first little bit.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun sidetrack between sessions of any other game they’re playing, as it tends to go for about half an hour or so. I would recommend 3 or more players though, as the dead wizard cards and some of the effects don’t work quite as well with only 2 players.

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