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87 out of 95 gamers thought this was helpful

Getting bored of the basic Carcassonne? This expansion adds another strategy to the game: that of kidnapping your opponents using towers. This makes the game much more ruthless, especially where farms are involved. Do you have a lovely large farm that you have monopolized? Well, too bad, your man is being kidnapped and that farm is forever lost to you. Granted, a skilled player may be able to avoid being captured if they are careful about placement.

When I introduced this expansion to our gaming group, the play time doubled. It made players much more wary, and made the game much less casual.

The best this about this expansion is the physical tower that you can hold your land tiles in. It saves a ton of space on your playing table.

Bottom line is: if you are finding the game is becoming dull, pick up this expansion (or, indeed, any Carcassonne expansion). If you enjoy how casual and friendly the original game is, then stick to the original game.

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