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The Great Zimbabwe

6 out of 8 gamers thought this was helpful

Brief description: Ancient African culture theme of God worship and civilisation building based on this worship. Build the greatest monument for/to/with your God through resources, craftsmen and technology.

Why did I rate? Replay value is high as the board size is determined by number of players, but actual board tiles are modular and random (except for start tile). Components are beautifully designed and elegant, and fit the theme perfectly. This is the easiest of the Splotter Spellen games to learn and play, and relatively easy to learn, but hard to master as there are many strategies and paths to victory.

Good investment? Expensive and Rare. If you like having rare games that are fun to play in your collection, you wont regret buying it.

Gameplay and game flow? Smooth flow with a unique bidding system for turn-order (pay cattle to buy privilege) and unique mechanism for setting your victory point target. The more power you buy/gain the greater your victory target becomes. Fantastic self-regulating mechanism which keep the tension high.

Replay value? High due to modular board, random board placement and varying size/shape board based on number of players.

Type of Game? Strategy (Abstract) – Civilisation and economic resource and route building simulation for ancient African cultures.

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