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As with almost all Cool Mini or Not games this one is pure gold when it comes to product quality. The artwork is excellent, the components are even better. The rulebook is easy to follow and if that’s not enough for you, get over to Watch it played and they will let you know how its done.

The queen have sent you and the other players to a mystic market run by the feared shadow master and his agents in order to get four artefacts. To do this you have to manipulate the board, bribe the shadow master and backstab the other players.

The game is quite fast played, not much downtime and still there is some strategy involved. The board is what makes this game special. What you pay for ethers and artefacts is depending on your position on the table and change during gameplay when players turn the rotating gears on the board. While it’s best played with four players it’s still fun with two or three.

The game is gorgeous to look at and more fun to play than I first thought it would be. Well worth its price!

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