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Forbidden Island

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Forbidden Island, often referred to as “Pandemic Light”, brings more to the table then some might think. FI includes fantasticly produced components and modular difficulty that can be adjusted for either new players or the more “hardcore” crowd.

The co-op aspect of FI consists of teaming up with up to 3 other players and capturing the lost treasures of the cursed island. Once the players start the game; 6 of the 24 island tiles are flooded (this is shown by flipping over the tile). Each player starts on a designated tile and has up to 3 action to take per turn, these actions may include: movement, claiming a treasure (by having 4 of a specific treasure card), trading a treasure to another player, and shoring up a flooded tile.

The game gets progressivly harder as more tiles get flooded and once a tile has been flooded twice it is destroyed, floods are caused by flood cards which are drawn every turn based on the current flood level on the water meter.

Games tend to end with 60 – 70% of the island descemated with the few remaining tiles flooded. Once all treasures are claimed you and your co-op buddies must make it to Fool’s Landing and use a helicopter lift card (found in the treasure deck) to escape.

The replayability of FI is fantastic as the game changes every time, and if you get bored you can always adjust the difficulty to spice up the game and make it rock hard.

Forbidden island will cost you around 15$ from Amazon, don’t hesitate to pick up this game. Value for money? * right it is!

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