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Munchkin holds a special place in my gaming collection. It was the first game I bought and really helped introduce me to the hobby. Our group played again and again, bought numerous expansions and had a great time. After a bit though the game started loosing its appeal. As we were exposed to more games the random nature and lack of depth put Munchkin at the bottom of our collection. It is hard to review a game in which you have so much fun with but yet you never have the urge to play again.

So, starting with the basics, Munchkin is a card game that pokes fun at Dungeons & Dragons and the role playing experience. Each player plays theirself and throughout the game they will equip weapons and armor and battle monsters. Everything is luck of the draw so your equipment and the monsters you face will vary greatly between person to person. Here is where the real problem lies. If someone is about to win and draws a low level monster the game could end with no climax and this happens more than I would like.

Things are not all bad though, taken for what it is, Munchkin can be really fun. With the right group of people and the right mindset, screwing over a friend can be some of the best fun had at a table. All in all, I actually do like Munchkin. It has provided hours of entertainment and I got a little burnt out on it. Maybe one day we will pick it back up and have some fun.

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