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Castle Panic

55 out of 116 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a fun solo or co op game. You have a board that in the center, like a dart board, has you castle towers. You the randomly draw orks and monsters to enter each turn. You then draw cards that kill or hurt these monsters that want to destroy the center castles. I also have the expansion with a wizard tower that gives you magic cards that help you kill these monsters. In a but shell that’s it. I like this game and it makes you make choices that use your resources. Use them all up and defend your castles.

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47 out of 80 gamers thought this was helpful

So I am new to Sentinels of the Multiverse. My first impression was this looks like a cool game. I dove right in and got hooked. I think its awesome how you get to pick who you are as a hero or hero’s. And you get to pick your villain. Also you pick where the match will be held. There is room for a more challenge built into the villains. The visual art is great. I find myself sometimes looking at the rules for something that is not answered. I also like the basic box has a lot of verity. I would recommend this game to anyone.

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3 out of 16 gamers thought this was helpful

Hi, I have all zombicide games. If I had to only get one then I would get the prison outbreak edition for starters. The game has beautiful horror models. If into painting then they take painting extremely well. The board options are many. The rules are better explained. I think the game has the real feel of being chased by a mob of zombies. You get a panic sence. This for sure is at the top of my board game lists. My advice is for you to get it.hope you liked my advice. Thanks for listening.

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2 out of 11 gamers thought this was helpful

The game is a shoots and laddrers type. There is a lot of rolling for luck. There is some strategy. Overall this game is fun for the kids and family. The artwork is sweet and classic. The game could be better if you could change the fixed board. It reminds me of a classic game you would find back in the 80’s. I played this with my three year old and he liked rolling the dice and the artwork. I would have added mini figures to the game. Make it more three d. Overall I give this a 6.8 out of 10.

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46 out of 69 gamers thought this was helpful

I have the pocket version of Hive. It has the expansions included. The game is a 2 player game that can take about twenty minutes. I grew up playing chess and this is a smaller version that still gives you the chess live feeling. I can bring the game with me on trips and is easy enough to learn. I would recommend to strategy game players. The goal is to surround the players bee. Each bug moves differently like in chess.

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Ticket to Ride

22 out of 51 gamers thought this was helpful

Got this game after watching a you tube top ten game review. Ticket to Ride lives up to this. This game is easy to learn. It has clear rules and high replay value. At family gatherings I will bring this game. A typical game lasts 30 plus minutes depending on how many players. I enjoy this game and will recommend to any gamer of any level or age. Beware lots of little pieces that could get lost in the shuffle.

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51 out of 110 gamers thought this was helpful

Got the game and have been impressed from the start. The models and contents are beautiful. Only thing that would make contents better is make actual doors rather than markers on cardboard. The rules aren’t always clear so make house rules in those cases. I would highly recommend to get Zombicide. A typical game will last one and a half hours. From the game play I do get the feeling that the zombies are coming and have this panic feeling when the board has 50 plus zombies coming after you.

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