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15 out of 19 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is pretty awesome.
It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but it’s a fairly simple game.
The difficulty comes in the way of strategy against your opponents.
As the game moves forward, you’ll find yourself agonizing over the choices you make.
There are also many ways to score and win. So, even if you feel you are not doing well, there is still a chance to win.

Art is outstanding
Board is big; lots of room to play.
Not very difficult to learn.

The board art is a bit muddled. It’s important because there are certain abilities that can be used depending on terrain which is sometimes hard to determine.
It requires a lot of room to set up.
The miniatures are not very detailed. Not horrible, but maybe if you like painting miniatures then you will notice the lack of face detail.

I would recommend this game.

Like I said; this is a great game. I see the replay-ability potential as high.
It is a beautiful and fun game.

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Forbidden Island

77 out of 85 gamers thought this was helpful

First off I would like to say that the quality of this game is outstanding. The art on the tiles is beautiful. Each tile has a unique, detailed setting on it. And each tile is labeled clearly with its own name.

*** The Pieces***
The tile pieces are thick with great art work
The treasure tokens are solid and detailed
The cards aren’t too thick but not flimsy either
The box is tin, which I really like.
The insert holds everything nice and snug
The player pawns aren’t anything special, but does not make a difference in the game.
The water level marker is a bit on the…delicate side, I guess I could say

***Set Up***
Set up is fairly simple. You place all the tiles on the table, shuffle the treasure cards, shuffle the island cards, set the water level marker to starting position, hand out treasure cards, chose player tokens (each player has a unique ability), then draw 6 island cards and flip the corresponding island tiles. Now you are ready to start.

The main problem I have with this game is the luck based aspect. For example if you lose fools landing (the tile you have to get to with all players and treasures to win) you automatically lose the game. We set up twice and and twice we lost before a full turn was done. Now the second time my have been bad shuffling of the cards, but it has happened multiple times.
I am not trying to say that we don’t have fun, this game can be fun. If you get a good game going (without some bad luck messing you up right away) the tension builds and the sense of urgency sets in. This is when it gets fun.

Overall it’s worth a try. It is a coop family game which is a plus.

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45 out of 58 gamers thought this was helpful

This is an other regular at our table. We play Munchkin often.
I bought the Munchkin Deluxe box which included:
*The cards (Door and Treasure)
*12 cardboard pawn tokens (6 male and 6 female )
*Stands for the pawns
*The game board
*One die

The game board is nothing special, but not bad quality. The cards are not of great quality but they do what is required. The Cardboard pawns fairly thick and sturdy but the stands are cheap plastic and, at least, 4 of the stands don’t hold the pawns very well.
There are plenty of rules but after you start playing its fairly easy to pick up/teach. Our usual game nights include my 9 yo and my wife. Neither of which play games on the regular, but we all usually have a good time.
It is random enough to ensure a fresh game play each time and a different winner too. I recommend this game.

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Machi Koro

51 out of 63 gamers thought this was helpful

This has been our go to game lately. I play with my 9 yo and my wife. They enjoy the heck out of this game.
It is super easy to teach/learn.
Not very expensive
Set up is easy (relatively easy)
Art is nice

There are a lot of cards (not really a con but it slows down set up a bit)
There should be a holder for all the coins to use during game play.

We have had games won in as little as 15 mins and others that have taken almost an hour. I would definitely recommend this for people that are not big gamers but would like to start. Like the title says, fun.

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Krosmaster: Arena

66 out of 74 gamers thought this was helpful

I mainly play with my 9 yo and my wife. I can see this game being fun if I had a regular group of people that were avid gamers to play with.
The quality of this game is amazing. The paint on the “miniatures” is great. I say miniatures in quotes because they are not standard size. The terrain pieces are also very nice thick stock cardboard. My only complaint about the quality is that the terrain pieces get knocked over/moved often. The rules are not too difficult but there is a lot to learn. I ran into a few problems from the get go. Some of the tokens are either mislabeled or the translations went wrong. Some rules are not very well explained, but that is true of a lot of games. Overall; the quality is great. The game has potential to be fun.

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