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10 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

Although I never played the original, this game is just so much fun. The replay ability is amazing due to all the scenarios and different cards you get each game. It is never the same.

The pieces are beautiful and although there is luck involved in dice rolls there is more then enough strategy in the placement of your units to give yourself the best odds for a win. I have played this game a bunch of times and every time I play I feel like I realize something new. Some sort of new strategy that did not click or even sometimes I was reading a card wrong and didn’t realize how great it actually was.

The game is by far one of the funnest strategy, war games I have played and I recommend it to anyone.

Also, if you don’t have anyone to play Battlelore with in person, but want to play something similar online, checkout BoneLands. Very similar play style.

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