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Smash Up

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One of my delights at the convention was AEG’s Smash Up. Although at first I thought it would probably be shallow (considering all the topical humor), I soon found out that it was actually quite enjoyable. Thanks to John Goodenough for demoing it to me (which convinced me to get my own copy).

Putting forward a new mechanic that AEG calls “Shufflebuilding”, each player chooses two factions and shuffles them together to create one 40 card deck of Minions and Events. Play consists of playing 1 minion and 1 event on a base card until ALL cards there add up to the stability or higher. The base is then broken, and players score points based on their individual power ranks.

The fun and strategy comes in the matchups. Each faction has a sort of “theme” that it does well. Zombies, for example, are good at bringing minions out of the discard pile. Robots are good at launching massive hordes of minions. And dinosaurs are just plain massive. No matter which two factions you choose, you can be sure to find new combos all the time in the struggle for victory.

Where Smash Up lacks complexity, it makes it up with fun and interesting choices.

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