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Timeline: Events

10 out of 12 gamers thought this was helpful

Timeline is a fun little game that can be played in five minutes or so, depending on how many people you have playing and how well they know history. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards before anyone else. You do that by placing them to the left (before) or to the right (after) of any card on the table. If you get the date right then you have gotten rid of one card, if not, then you discard that card and draw a new one.

– very quick and easy to learn
– can be played with two people
– the art is quite nice
– you learn something
– each of the versions is a stand alone game

– gets very easy if playing with only two people
– after a while, you memorize all the dates and the game stops being as fun
– needs space to play so you can’t do it a small surface

All in all, Timeline is a pretty good series if you want to play a quick and easy game to pass a bit of time. The more players you have, especially those who don’t know history too well, the more fun and difficult it is. The pros outweigh the cons and it is definitely worth the price, which is pretty low. Finally, if you get bored of one version just add another and let the fun continue.

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I started playing Catan 8 years ago and haven’t stopped since. The game isn’t very complicated, though it has its nuances, but it’s the versatility of it that keeps me coming back. Catan has a game board that changes in every game depending on how the tiles come out and depending on your house rules. What is nice about that is that you can make the board look any way you want. It can be the traditional hexagon or you can spread it out, or create a void in the centre. Everything depends on you. Another positive element is that the game changes depending on who you play it with. It can be a cut throat game of expansion, building, and thieving, or it can be a calm and leisurely settlement with a lot of cooperation between players.

Catan has three main expansions that can all be combined together or can be played separately. The only negative to them is that you need the base set to play them. On the other hand, the base set has so much replay value that you don’t need to buy any expansions to enjoy it. Each expansion and the base set also have an addition to them that lets you play with up to 6 people instead of the base 4. It can be played with young children and older adults making it a game for everyone. Overall, the aforementioned versatility and reasonably easy learning make this a great game to teach to new players or to play with experienced ones. If you’ve never tried it then I urge you to do so, especially if you like european-style games and strategy.

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