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A Fistful of Penguins - Board Game Box Shot

A Fistful of Penguins

| Published: 2011

Here come the animals! Add lions, camels, and kangaroos to your zoo in this simple dice game the whole family can enjoy. Lions are a big draw, but they scare the camels. Those pesky squirrels will pilfer your peanuts, but a moose won't go anywhere without a squirrel. And the more kangaroos the better. Use your penguins wisely, and you can have the best zoo in the country!

A Fistful of Penguins pieces

How to Play
Roll the special animal dice to see which animals are available for your zoo. Some animals score more in big groups, some score better together, and some won't score with other animals present. Spend penguin tokens to buy more dice or to reroll the dice you have. If you roll a penguin, you get another penguin to spend. Make the most money you can in three rounds to win the game.

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“Animal business full of math and chance.”


A fistful of Penguins is about dealing with animals to cash in.
Players take turns into rolling their dice to try and get certain combinations of results.
These dice have different animals printed on each side and each animal has a different value.
Some of these animals only got or built up value when combined with others or in multiples.

Players get to choose if they want to re-roll or add another die for each penguin they trade in.
Another possibility is to buy a die with an hidden value from another player.

The goal is to get the highest sum of money after playing a few rounds.
Unused penguin tokens you gained during the game are worth $1 each afterwards.


The game exists of dice, chips, tokens and a few game guides.
The overall quality of the materials are kind of average to low.

There are these special made dice, which can come short when you play with 6 player and someone buys dice.

You got brown chips and black chips which stand for kangaroo chips and penguin chips respectively.
But the game come with a sheet of stickers where you need to paste the images on the chips.

The small cardboard guides which tells you the possible ways to score are also short on numbers.
Players need to share them instead of each player one.

The only solid and good-looking materials are the penguin counters, which comes in 2 colors.
These look very neat and add some value to the game.

Next to the above materials, there are also some chips in 3 different colors.
These are used as money for payouts, buying stuff and of course winning.


Although the game components are on the lower side, the game is quite fun for once in a while.
It does require some math to calculate the best score and chances to roll the right dice.
A great addition to this game is the ability for players to trade with the turn player.

I could recommend groups with casual gamers, but a little bit of math is required.
It could get boring if players are bad at calculations.


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