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Yggdrasil - Board Game Box Shot


| Published: 2012
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Yggdrasil is a co-operative game in which you play the role of a Norse god. The gods must join forces and co-ordinate their efforts to repel the invasion of their enemies in Asgard.

If Evil is defeated, the players win all together. If not, the defeat is collective and it heralds the end of mythical time.

The application will offer you to choose the difficulty level of your game. According to your progress, you will unblock 3 new gods (Frigg, Vidar and Balder) and new special cards.

Will you be able to prevent the destruction of the worlds from happening?

Yggdrasil digital board game screens


  • Adaptation of the famous board game Yggdrasil
  • 1 to 6 players
  • Duration of a game: about 30 minutes
  • Fully adjustable difficulty level
  • Every game is new and challenging!

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“Hard game to win…but fun to play”

I don’t know much about the original game…I haven’t seen a tabletop copy of the game. Therefore, I don’t have much go by when it comes to how well this digital version captures the game play of the original. I can say, it took a few tries to get a handle on the rules so that I even had a chance of winning. I realize the game is designed for co-op, but I can’t see this played effectively with other players using a single device (I use an iPad). There isn’t a local game component…nor can this be played with others on the internet. So…this largely plays like a solitaire game.

With that said, this also has the same frustration I have with solitaire…it is really hard to win. I’ve gotten better over time, but I’m still not able to win on regular basis. I imagine that this takes a lot of the tedium out of the the original board game…there are a lot of counters and indicators that need tracking. It plays pretty smoothly in that regard. The bonus cards and expansions are nice, but generally they just make a hard game even harder.

The digital implementation is solid. I’ve never had any hang-ups or crashes on my iPad with it…even after multiple system upgrades.

I suppose I’m a bit more negative about the game than I realized. It’s a frustrating game in some respects. However, I come back to it frequently and enjoy playing it until I remember how much it frustrates me. It’s definitely a challenge…which in the end, I think, is a good thing.


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