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Villains and Vigilantes Card Game (2nd Edition)

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The Villains and Vigilantes Card Game brings you a thrilling comic book experience in a customizable, strategy card game. Experience all new adventures with characters from the classic, superheroic RPG. You control supervillains who skulk about the city pursuing their mad schemes and lying wait in ambush or the superheroes who head out on patrol looking to bring them to justice.

The Villains and Vigilantes Card Game offers innovative mechanics. Players can customize their card selection to choose their own heroes, villains, power cards, plot twists, allies, and objectives. A power card system makes for fast and fluid combat as super-powered characters are able to display a wide array of extraordinary abilities. Mission cards provide objective-based game-play. The villain might be trying to take over the city, unmask the heroes, escape from prison, or extracting revenge. Heroes seek to bring the villains to justice but might also need to protect innocent bystanders, or don their secret identities and show up at their day job.

Villains and Vigilantes cards

Characters in the game are the drawn from the classic RPG. Villains and Vigilantes fans will enjoy experiencing the all-new adventures of these classic characters form the original source material. The Villains and Vigilantes Card Game base set contains 4 pre-constructed decks of heroes and villains that insure you are ready to dive into the action.

Pre-constructed decks:

  • Shatterman and Condor
  • Bizzard and Evergreen
  • Mocker and FIST supported by Mace, Bull, Shocker, and Hornet
  • Mercury Mercenary and Crossfire

In addition, the base set contains an awesome Action Pack with additional heroes, villains, power cards, and plot cards that you can use to customize your decks, mix and matching supers and their powers to create your own incredible combinations. The Action Pack adds Enforcer, Magnetor, Showjack, Omni-Primus and more!

Experience a dynamic, superheroic, strategy card game like nothing you’ve seen before in the Villains and Vigilantes Card Game.

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