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Pixel Lincoln - Board Game Box Shot

Pixel Lincoln

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In this classic adventure game, you will travel through time and space, searching for the pieces needed to restore the balance of time.

Pixel Lincoln Contents

There are enemies in every corner, and as Pixel Lincoln, you must defeat them – but first you need to build an awesome deck! Equip the finest weapons, bring your best cheat codes, and do whatever it takes to get the highest score! Because in the end, that's all that matters.

Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game plays in about 45 minutes, and players will explore the highly customizable levels by revealing cards as they progress. Cards vary from items/power-ups to enemies, NPCs, secrets, bosses and much more. As you purchase or defeat these cards, they are added to your deck. Defeat all of the bosses or die trying!

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“Super retro fun. ”

Pixel Lincoln is a fantastic retro journey through an excellent 8-bit reality with humor, easy to employ rules, and whimsical fun. Island Officials hit an 8-bit home run with this one.
The box comes complete with a hefty amount of components, each maintaining the fun theme of the nation’s greatest president kicking butt while navigating through a side scrolling adventure. The rule book is a little unclear at times, but the rules themselves are simple and easily implemented into the game. An attractive key to this game is a solo play option as well as a great theme of the side scrolling games that dominated video gaming for so long.


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