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Legends aren't made. They're made up.

In Norsaga, you are a skald, a viking warrior-poet. Your saga is one that spans generations. The strengths of your ancestors, passed down to you, have led to your triumph. Among skalds, you and you alone are truly worthy of renown!

All that's left is to convince your audience that it could be true...

Theme - Norsaga is an epic 2-4 player puzzle battle card game where players vie to recount their heroic exploits and ancestries, while undermining each others' stories at every turn.

Gameplay - Players take turns playing hero cards to fill out their family trees. Heroes possess traits which unlock powerful embellishments, allowing players to change their stories -- or their opponents'.

Goal - The first player who achieves the perfect mix of heroics to complete their saga, wins!

Plot twist - Stories don't have to start out true. The details of your tale will change -- drastically -- as you try to complete it. Revision is part of narration!

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