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Ninja Burger: Secret Ninja Death Touch Edition - Board Game Box Shot

Ninja Burger: Secret Ninja Death Touch Edition

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Now you can join the elite Ninja Burger delivery team! You will learn to deliver tasty burgers and fries anywhere. You will bring honor to your franchise. Failure is not an option.

The twisted minds that brought you Chez Geek and Munchkin are back. Based on the popular website at, this hilarious card game, designed by Steve Jackson, pits you against your fellow trainees in a new Ninja Burger store. Learn the secrets of stealth, swordsmanship, and customer service. Fight for honor, respect, big tips, and that coveted promotion...

This new, deluxe edition combines the original Ninja Burger with the cards from the supplement, Sumo-Size Me! and adds counters for tracking honor and money.

It's fast-moving. It's fun. You get to be a ninja. What more can you ask from a game?

No matter how secure your office,
how deep your bunker,
how dedicated your guards...
we deliver your burger in 30 minutes or less.

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“Would you like sais with that!”

Ninja Burger is a fun competitive game where you and your fellow ninjas are delivery men for the most honorable burger chain “Ninja Burger”.It’s a race to be the most honorable burger delivery ninja. As a delivery ninja you are tasked to deliver burgers in exotic locations and in dangerous situations!

In this battle to gain tips and promotions you are given a ninja card with your skills and special abilities witch will vary from ninja to ninja.Every ninja is given a mission card witch may be traded during the staff meeting phase or you may choose to skip out on this meeting to gain a leg up on your co-ninjas.use the ninja skills to resolve your mission by rolling dice. As you pass missions you gain honor, money and fortune cards.Don’t fail missions or you will be on the fast track to shaming your ancestors.In the end only the most honorable of ninjas can receive the coveted title of BRANCH MANAGER!


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