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Tide of Iron: Designer Series, vol. 1 - Board Game Box Shot

Tide of Iron: Designer Series, vol. 1

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The Tide of Iron Designer Series, vol 1 is a compilation of 22 new scenarios (set in both Europe and North Africa) designed by 19 of wargaming's top designers.

The book includes one massive, multi-player scenario that uses two (2) copies of the base Tide of Iron game set, several short, fast playing scenarios, and historical background and anecdotes for all the scenarios provided by the designers.

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“Offiicial Scenarios by game designers”

This is a book of scenarios from game designers! Each scenario includes a background on the designer, historical material on the battle in the scenario, and background on the scenario itself. Most of the scenarios can be played with just the base or “next wave” set. Some can be played with the base or “next wave” set and a few other pieces that you get from the “Days of the Fox” expansion, or that you can add yourself. Like the “Road to Oosterrbeek” scenario. It requires British army pieces, and a Panzer III from DOTF (Days of the Fox). I took a Panzer III from my 1:144 miniatures, and counters from the base game (turned upside down) and you can use good “ole” green American army pieces to stand in for British. In this scenario, none of the map or map overlay pieces are from DOTF. There are enough scenarios that can be done with just the base game or Next Wave, to keep anyone happy. Plus, if you have DOTF, there are a couple of scenarios from that expansion. There is an Eratta sheet available from BGG (boardgamegeek) because a few scenario maps left out command markers or victory point markers. I printed off this errata sheet and put it in my book. This book of scenarios is well worth it, if you ask me.


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