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Throne World - Board Game Box Shot

Throne World

For centuries, the Roo galactic empire has reigned supreme. Now, almost vanquished by the Great Plague, most of its remaining forces have been withdrawn to protect the Imperial Throne World...

In this game of space warfare set in the same universe as Time Agent, 2-6 alien races vie to establish a new galactic empire by sending forth fleets and armies to conquer Imperial worlds.

During production, players build new units. Each turn, players move their units to attack nearby systems. Combat is fast and furious. Each round, players fire different numbers of dice for every unit involved, with "6s"---modified by players' space or ground combat technologies---being hits.

The goal is to take a set number of worlds. Each world is worth one towards this total---except the Imperial Throne World, which counts as six worlds. Once an empire conquers enough worlds to win, the game enters "sudden death overtime" as opposing players have only one turn apiece to either better or reduce the winning player's total.

Can YOU conquer---and hold---the Imperial Throne World to establish a new galactic empire?

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