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Statis Pro Baseball - Board Game Box Shot

Statis Pro Baseball

| Published: 1971

Statis Pro Baseball should be considered as an intermediate level baseball game. The game system is fairly simple, but still gives the manager a wide variety of options that generally result in a fun and relatively realistic game. The Statis Pro baseball game includes individual pitcher and batter cards for an entire baseball season. A full 9-inning game generally takes 30 minutes or less to complete. The game can be played head-to-head or solitaire. Because of the somewhat limited defensive options, solitaire play can be almost as fun as head-to-head play./p>

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“Manage Your Favorite Team”

I have to admit I am a huge sports board game fan. I must own 25 different ones – baseball, football, basketball, soccer, golf, horse racing, etc. The Statis-Pro series of games are some of the better ones out there. The mechanics are simple, the rules can be very simple to intermediate, and the fun of trying to out-do the real-life players and managers is fun. This is not a pitch-by-pitch type of game. This is more of the manager-style game. Because of that, some people may think it is a bit boring. I actually love this style game. I have never really been a fan of the you-as-player sports games. I love OOTP and Football Manager on my computer.

Basically, you choose your team, set your lineups, and play. Set-up can be very quick or you can spend hours looking over and analyzing players. This game may actually be best played solo. Games take about a half-hour. You can play a seven game series in an evening.

What is great about this game is that there are plenty of people who have created player and team cards from history. Just search online and you can download or order (some for free, most have to buy) your favorite teams, players, or seasons from the history of baseball. This way you can have your dream match-ups. There is also another Statis-Pro Baseball game called Statis-Pro Great Teams that comes with ten great teams.

May not be for everyone, but I also go back and play this game.


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