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RoadZters - Board Game Box Shot


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RoadZters is a flicking game, very much like Bisikle, also from CEPIA Games. The whole concept is in the ZBall, a marble with a unique internal mechanism. Very easy to control, you can spin it in different ways to do high precision shots. The goal of the game is to flick your way to the finish line as fast as possible. Players have to compete on a 13ft track with obstacles in order to win the car race - but if you fall off track, you lose your turn! No cards or electrical devices are involved.

In RoadZters, the cars are also jumping ramps - so be bold and use your opponents to fly past them! The challenge is to control the effects of the ZBall and show a lot of self-control in challenges (slopes, fences, jumps, mouseholes, etc.). Will you manage to deal with pressure?

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“One of the best of the racing or dexterity games”

Pitchcar is always a hoot at conventions, but it’s intrigue has kind of worn off. Roadzters is like the next evolution (dare I say) of dexterity games and has a deeper feel to racing than disks. Because you flick a weighted ball, you can place spin on the ball and get more advanced maneuvers resulting in a game that actually earns the right to be called a “dexterity” game above the current lot.
Also, the ramp and tunnel features only embellish this statement.


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