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At the head of your ship, you eagerly search for any sign of land. As you peer through the dissipating mist, it finally gives way to the silhouette of cliffs—you have arrived at your new home. Now your clans can partake in a new era of prosperity. Rival chieftains also set sail for this same land, and soon the time will come to hold the Great Council and elect the High King of Inis.

Inis takes place during the height of the ancient Celts, when history and legend are one and the same. Players are chieftains leading their clans beyond the seas from Ireland to a newly discovered island. They settle the land, explore the surrounding area, harvest resources from the mines, and construct Citadels and Sanctuaries for their protection. Bards recount the tales of their gods and heroes, druids act as advisors, and master craftsmen immortalize Celtic civilization.

Each chieftain believes to have the most legitimate claim to the throne of this new island. Only time will tell who among them will ascend to become Ard-Ri, the High King of this new realm!

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“Has serious design issues”

The game has a serious design issue (which they tried to correct in later version). With good players, the last turns become a constant stopping of others to complete the victory conditions thus it drags on in an unending blocking game which only boredom Leads to Someone just giving up.

At a two player count, it feels repetitive and completely predictable.

Cards and components are nice but not worth playing at any player count. The Art on the cards is beautiful and the way the map fits together is good.

Pity but more playtesting early on might have solved the issue. The exp Asians tries to solve the issue of the never ending blocking game by introducing the concept of „we need a king“- ie the Game will end no matter what.


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