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Castles of Caladale

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In a forgotten time, when magic could move mountains, the Kingdom of Caladale was home to people of all kinds, living in castles of unimaginable beauty. Yet, on one fateful night, an ancient spell of great power was cast by one unable to control it. By daybreak all of the castles were destroyed – their walls and towers torn apart, twisted together and scattered across the land.

The people of Caladale must now rebuild, competing for walls and towers from the broken and twisted remains of each other’s homes to rebuild their castles and reclaim the glory of Caladale!

In Castles of Caladale, players lay tiles to construct beautiful castles, rebuilding the kingdom. Working towards building the most complete and largest castle will earn players glory throughout the land!

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“Tumbling Towers”

This is a neat little title of tile laying. The big difference between this game, and others in the genre (Carcassone,) is that COC is played building individually rather than working on a group construct. The theme is that each player is trying to build the most impressive castle from the pile of rubble left over after some terrible disaster.
Players take turns drawing and playing tiles to build a castle. Points are awarded for certain features, and of course for completion of the castle after the last tile is drawn. Another difference between this and others in the tile laying genre is that tiles may be drawn and stored by players to be used at any point later in the game. This is a great feature!
Plays well with different numbers of people
Can be fun with only 2 players
Great artwork and sturdy components
Easy to understand rulebook
Low price point
Large(ish) box considering the size of the components (I always think this about tile games though)
Storing tiles can frustrate people who forget to use them
Overall: I think this is a fantastic game for people who love tile laying. It takes longer to play than Tsuro, but is more complex. COC is a nice change for people who may be growing tired of Carcassone.


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