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Blue Moon Legends - Board Game Box Shot

Blue Moon Legends

| Published: 2014
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The king is dead, and Blue Moon has vanished. The two royal heirs blame each other, and they have called the citizens of Blue Moon City to arms. The peoples of Blue Moon each have unique abilities to lend to the battle, as well as varying influence over the elements of the world. Each heir struggles to attract the three divine elemental dragons and restore the Holy Crystal of Psi. Only with the blessing of the dragons can an heir assume the throne and rebuild Blue Moon City.

Blue Moon Legends pits two players against each other in tense, head-to-head card play. Players can either play the game straight out of the box with decks or strategically customize the perfect deck to take down their opponent. With hundreds of cards to choose from, no two games will be the same. Blue Moon Legends contains all cards from award-winning designer Reiner Knizia’s Blue Moon card game in a single box.

Blue Moon Legends game in play
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“Blue Moon, You saw my dragons alone....”

Two Players enter the combat area, only one exits with dragons by their side. Will you be the victorious mother of dragons or will your opponents allure make them the grand puff-daddy dragon of them all. Okay.. don’t know where I was going with that….

Anyways, Blue Moon: Legends is a complete reprinting of the game Blue Moon in it’s entirety. There is a cute flavour text you can easily read in the rule book, the cards and even above here in the boardgaming review but I’m gonna skip all that. At it’s core it’s a two-player card game where you are playing characters using their fire or earth values to try and win the pot so to speak and attract a dragon to your side. You play leadership, character and booster/support cards to do this over several phases. It’s you go, then the other person goes and tries to match or beat your cards. Attract three, then be about to get one more and you win. Run out of cards, if you have the dragons you win, if nobody has dragons the person with cards remaining wins.

Simple. Very very simple… and that in itself could be it’s downfall or greatest asset depending on what you are looking for. It retails between $30-$39 dollars and to me it’s a pretty good value. If you are looking for a quick two-player game, or filler game this will give you a bang for your buck. If that’s not so much your thing… go buy something else.

Final thoughts:
This two player game is an easy learn, easy to fill time with and easy to be overlooked by many. I think it makes a good filler game while waiting for bigger more epic scaled gaming sessions to begin (or all your other players to show up) as it has a good theme and basic mechanics it’s not gonna make for one of those ‘remember the time we were playing….’ moments, but it will still be a fun enough time.
What I like: Components are great, travels easy and when not drafting takes no time to set up. Also some people might be put of with the way the cards read. Stuff like: At the end of your booster phase discard one card. (meaning your opponent discards it) or I may play one extra support card this turn. (meaning you). But personally I found that saved big time on petty arguments over card text meanings that happens in other games.
What I dislike: I personally didn’t find the rulebook all that concrete in how to add in all the ‘additions’ to the main sets, now granted I was a little tired when I read it but still. But there are many sources online for the original Blue Moon, that can help in that department.
Who it’s ultimately for: Fans of fast games, two-player games, trick taking, baby blue gems and plastic dragons.
Who it’s ultimately not for: CCG/LCG enthusiasts. While this is the core came plus it’s expansions, it’s a complete game. Don’t look for more to come. It’s a reprint, everything is there, that’s all you get… and frankly it’s enough for what it is.


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