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While the initial set-up time of this game is one of the longest I’ve seen, it is well worth it. The scenarios that come with the game are suspenseful and lend themselves to a degree of light role-play for those that are into that sort of thing.

Mechanically the game is simple, with checks being resolved using a standard ‘roll under X on a d10’. Combat is resolved using a deck of cards which determine the flavor and mechanics of the attack – this is a nice mechanic in theory, however there are many types of attack and the deck is sufficiently small that you find yourself repeating the same attack cards over and over.

The puzzles are an interesting twist and there are sufficient distinct puzzles, pieces and configurations to prevent repetition.

The game comes with only 5 scenarios, though each has several variable options that mean you can play the same one more than once and have a different experience.

The best tip I can give for enjoyment of this game is that the most experienced player be the Keeper. It will be their job to enforce the rules, and having someone who knows how to take advantage of the mechanics will really make the players work to eke out a win, just like Cthulhu games should always be.

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