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34 out of 45 gamers thought this was helpful

Overall a great game. It is extremely easy to play and the cards have amazing drawings with so many different elements in each one.

Extremely good to play with people you don’t know very well as you can get to know them quite quickly by how they play. It’s not difficult to play (so its great for children) but also has a competitive edge- in that you want at least one person to guess your card but not everyone (which can be pretty tricky). It is difficult to find a balance between the too obvious and the too obscure.

One central problem is its replay value- it is difficult to play with the same people over and over again. As the same kind of clues just get put up again and again. Though there are expansion packs available- which I imagine will also get boring after playing multiple times with the same people.

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Love Letter

60 out of 73 gamers thought this was helpful

Got this for my birthday- took it away on a weekend of friends, we all loved it. It was extremely easy to play.

There is something strangely satisfying about this game even though it does depend on luck- it still leaves you feeling like you’ve outsmarted people and achieved something when you win!

One slight problem- I only got 12 ‘tokens of affection’ in my set which makes it difficult for people to win if there is a draw. There should be 13- not sure if I lost one early on or not as the guide doesn’t tell you how many there are supposed to be. Not a real problem though as you can just say whoever wins the next round wins if there is a tie!

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