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I don’t have a family or group of friends that come over
to play all the time. The gamer group at my local store
don’t play, because the play-style is cut-throat & takes
a while to get through a game.

So, here I am. I have all the expansions and extensions,
but I get to play the game about four times a year. And
rarely do I get to use the expansions/extensions. So, be
aware: You need to have people that like this game in your
social group in order to get your money’s worth of play.

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FLUXX is a social game to play when you aren’t looking to “win” a game.

It’s something to do while chatting with friends, because the game doesn’t need you to watch others closely to keep them honest. Since the rules change from turn to turn, you’re really not needed when it’s not your turn.

So, spend that time being friendly and chat with the people at the table. If you’re happen to win, bonus!

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