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50 out of 109 gamers thought this was helpful

Absolutely love this game, the idea of the “dice building” instead of deck building is a great change up. The rules are pretty easy to learn and once you get going games can go pretty quick. It’s a nice change up during game night when you don’t feel like spending hours playing one round of a game. The dice and art are beautiful and just about everything about the game is great. I’m looking forward to picking up the expansion sets very soon. Quarriors have easily jumped up on my list as one of my favorite go to games now.

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Elder Sign

79 out of 104 gamers thought this was helpful

I love a good mystery/horror game so Elder Sign was right up my alley. Getting everything set up correctly was very easy. The rules take a little bit to get used to, and sometimes I felt the manual wasn’t the most engraved with some things, but this is nothing a little searching won’t help. Once you have the rules down the game is a blast and goes by fairly quickly.

If you aren’t keen on all the luck being in your dice roll then this may not be the game for you. Yes there is some strategy to your rolls (locking dice, getting help, adding extra dice, re rolls) but when it comes down to it, it’s how lucky your rolls are. Personally this doesn’t bother me, since I love dice games, but it wasn’t the most exciting thing for the friend I played this with.

Which leads me to my next favorite thing about the game. You can play it alone. For those times when your pals can’t get together, you can set up a game by yourself which I love.

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Tsuro of the Seas

81 out of 135 gamers thought this was helpful

Tsuro of the Sea is great for all level of gamers. I can bring it out for people who are new to table top games and avid players also enjoy it.

It’s simple enough that multiple games can be played in short period of time.This simplicity also makes it attractive to the more causal player which is great. I love that I can easily explain the rules in about 5 minutes. The game has beautiful art and all pieces are made well.

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