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Elder Sign

75 out of 84 gamers thought this was helpful

Pulled from the Lovecraftian world of other Fantasy Flight horror games, Elder Sign offers a fast paced shorthand of it’s more epic cousins (Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness). Playable as a solitaire or cooperative game, players must defeat events, monsters and an Ancient One by rolling particular dice combinations. Fail and risk losing your stamina, sanity or both!

All and all, Elder Sign is a good, quick play. Replayable based on the variety of playable characters and Ancient Ones, but without expansions the event cards would become repetitive.

– A dice game that feels complex
– Good variety of playable characters and Ancient Ones (main bosses)
– Appealing art with well made pieces (also, if you own Mansion of Madness you can use the 3D character pieces from that game)
– Creative event concepts help keep the mood
– Compelling pace achieved through impending doom keeps you engaged
– Cooperative play keeps you involved even when it isn’t your turn
– If your character dies, you can pull a new character and stay in the game

– Limited variety in effects for spell and item cards
– Events will eventually become stale

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7 Wonders

50 out of 65 gamers thought this was helpful

7 Wonders is a drafting card game comprised of three “ages” or rounds. During each Age, players select cards, focusing on building on their city’s market place, industry, scientific community, military, guilds, monuments, 7 Wonders or any combination of them all.

Each age offers more nuanced and complex cards that build on the cards from previous Ages. For instance, in the third age a guild card might offer you benefits for all the unique goods you or your neighbor have been amassing. Or, if you picked up the Theater in the first Age, you can later build the Statue with no building expense – if you can get your hands on it!

Overall, 7 Wonders’ fast paced gameplay, wide variety of win conditions and progressive rewards create an exciting sense of momentum and tension. Even when you lose, you’re left with a “Just one more time!” desire to try the game again!

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