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27 out of 44 gamers thought this was helpful

One of my favorite games. The rules are easy to pick up and learn, and the game has a lot of replayability.

We’ve played it with both hard core power gamers as well as people whose idea of a board game was “monopoly” or, stepping out of their comfort zone, “apples to apples.”

The game weaves together a great story and theme with some great rules and concepts.

This has become our de facto go to game for when we have people over to play.

Quick note: The original 2nd release had an issue with its cardboard manufacturing that caused it to warp. Wizards of the Coast replaced these upon request with no questions asked. Great service. This, and the fact that some of the figures are slightly bent and leaning, are what caused me to knock its components rating to a 3.

Overall, though, get this game!

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Arkham Horror

36 out of 113 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is wayyyy too clunky. Takes forever and a day to set up. By the time we had set it up the first time, we didn’t even have time to play!

Tried playing a couple more times and then gave up and sold it back to the store, used for about a third of what we bought it for.

The game itself was constructed solidly, but the mechanics were too clunky and difficult to learn.

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