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40 out of 65 gamers thought this was helpful

This expansion is great as it offers a solitaire version of the game. So if you want to play but there is no one around you can still enjoy a game. It also gives you new monsters and new hero cards with greater abilities and some with higher cost honor values.

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23 out of 51 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is a fun simple game. The only thing that can make it difficult to play is if you get all the expansions and shuffle them all into one large and unruly deck. There are cards that give you bonuses when played with each other in each and its not fun if there is no chance of them coming up in the same game. This game can be highly competitive which depending on the person can make it less enjoyable by the other players.

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23 out of 60 gamers thought this was helpful

Trying to help rid the world of disease has never been more fun. And right when you are about to win another epidemic brakes out and more cities become over run with the illnesses you are trying to cure. This is a great team working game that requires the players to work together for the same cause. Its good social, fun and easy to learn that will have you laughing till the end.

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29 out of 36 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is my current go to game. It is a deck building game where every player starts with the exact same starting hand. You are all competing to get the most honor points either by defeating monsters or acquiring cards that show up in the center row. There are 2 ways of getting honor in this game, The first is defeating a monster and the honor gained is represented by clear white(1honor)gems and red(5 honor)gems. The second way is by getting more cards from the center row. Every card that is not your starting hand has a star at the bottom left corner that represents its honor cost for the end of the game. So if you get card into your deck with high honor cost it can help you win. A game board is provided to help you with the layout of the cards that are available to you to perches/defeat.
My favorite part of this game is no matter how many times you play you will never be able to create the exact same deck. This is the most enjoyable part, you never play the same game twice.
The explanation of this game to a non-gamer can be a bit on the complicated side. But once you play though it a few times with them it becomes easier to play. I find playing the game is the best way to learn it.
Give it a chance to win your hearts!

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7 Wonders

34 out of 83 gamers thought this was helpful

This game left me more confused then when I started. Each player gets to select a card that represents one of the 7 wonders and your trying to collect resources and some other things to try and have it build. Everyone gets dealt a hand of cards that you select one from then you need to pass the hand either to your left or right depending on what year your in. Some cards play off each other, so If you have one you can get this other one. And I’m sure there is someone else I’m missing.
I have played this game all of 3 times and did not enjoy any of them. Each time I learned I was playing wrong or missed something that would have been important in the card selection period.
My husband is still convinced that this is a game I’ll enjoy so I’m sure I’ll end up play yet again so he can help better explane the game.
All in all it left me confused. But other seam to like it.

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Apples to Apples

57 out of 83 gamers thought this was helpful

When I first got this game it was enjoyable. It was able to have a larger group of people playing. But the more times played the less fun I started having because things were just becoming predictable. Its a good game the first few times around but unless you are constantly changing the people you are gaming with it becomes boring.

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