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38 out of 46 gamers thought this was helpful

It’s a funny game that could make you laugh a bit, and the mood is great!
I played some two players games. I liked it, but it’s a little too random for my tastes and not completelly balanced.
The core of the game is the transparent cards game mechanic, which is brilliant. You basically stack transparent cards over your characters and what you see is what actually affects your character.
You win the game by having bad things happening in abundance to your family members (each player has got 5), and then killing them when they are worst off. The challenge, however, is that your opponents try to make good things happen to your family members as well, so the story told about each person is a gloomy chronicle with occasional happy events (“Oh look! Ducklings… a[…]”).
If you like Tim Burton’s style you should definitely buy this game.

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