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84 out of 100 gamers thought this was helpful

I was quite astonished the first time I was introduced to Hanabi – a unique game play mixed with team work, fun, and addiction. The idea of viewing others teammates card, but not yours, is one of the corner stones of why the game is so good. But then comes the logical sequence you must learn and build within your team in order to get a better score in the end. You have to adjust the flow of your brain signals to the ones of the other players – simple as that, but not too easy as it sounds :). This happens only through many mistakes and cheating that everyone will do (yes, they will), which makes the game a constant learning and improvement experience. All of this leads to numerous moments of laughter and eventually to addiction as the more you play the better you learn what your teammates are thinking and, of course, a higher score in the end.
I have introduced the game to many friends and it took just a single game to fire the light of addiction 🙂

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