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61 out of 80 gamers thought this was helpful

This game with its basic setting of rules makes for a rather hard challenge with a fair bit of complication for something that didn’t need to be so.

But with that being said the game states very clearly in the manual that you are entirely welcome to change it and make the game suit your style.

One of my largest gripes was a very complicated combat. Player turns go by so quickly in this game that when you hit a combat it would stall the game by as much as 10 mins trying to figure things out. When your turn could take 20 seconds to finish. I decided to redesign the combat using a rock paper scissors using the games own cards. It should make combat more simple and very easy to understand.

If you like to think out side of the box for fun. This is totally the game to try it with.

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41 out of 76 gamers thought this was helpful

If you have ever wanted to delve into a game that can be intricate and entertaining this is a game worth trying. This game allows for a fair bit of variance with in the same story from game to game.

The miniatures are detailed and well done. Even though they are unpainted they do not ruin the game. But if you like to paint they could become amazing.

The first time I sat down to play this game it took me a fair bit of time to set it up. With a few more games under my belt I am sure it could become a lot quicker.

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