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Go to the StarCraft: The Board Game page
48 out of 55 gamers thought this was helpful

– Randomisation freshes up every game, no two are quite alike.
– All 3 races are varied, where both factions of each race have distinct differences.
– A great sight for fans of the video games, all major characters return.
– Decent quality components, although they must be handled with care. They damage easily.

– Game length is massive. 4 to 5 hours from setup to cleanup is not uncommon.
– Poor wording or detailed rules can confuse new players, putting them off for following occasions.
– Owner must organise the contents, the box offers little aid after unpacking unless you get creative.
– Only 12 locations to play on, 2 per player each game. Locations will see a lot of repetition when setting up games.

A good starting point to get to know the game. Brood War expansion is advised to increase game content, but does come with more rules which might overcomplicate it for newer gamers. A fun alternative for Starcraft-veterans, but newcomers will probably find other boardgames more engaging.

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