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106 out of 120 gamers thought this was helpful

Played my first game of this tonight.

Components: The components of the game are nice. Everything is printed on fairly thick cardboard and the game pieces are painted wood instead of the usual plastic pieces. It adds a nice touch.

Basics: The basics of the game were fairly easy to learn. This game is a resource management and building game. Play is turn based with each player first placing there workers in various places on the board or on previously built structures,to gain abilities, gold, or resources. Players first choose, turnwise, which abilities to use by placing workers (elves or dwarves) onto the various ability markers and paying any costs associated with them. After all the players have chosen these, players then choose how much of what resources (wood, stone, or metal) to go after with their remaining workers. Play then progresses through each players turn as they harvest resources, activate their chosen abilities, or build buildings.

Strategy: While the basic concept is fairly easy to grasp, strategy and long term thinking are key to winning this game. From the very first moment after choosing who goes first, strategy comes into play. Knowing which buildings to build, which guilds to use, and how to build on the board itself to generate the highest score is a must.

Overall: Overall this game is easy to pick up but should provide enough depth of strategy to make it a long running favorite.

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Arkham Horror

34 out of 76 gamers thought this was helpful

Arkham Horror is an excellent cooperative game. Although it can be a little overwhelming at first due to its many components, it is easy to master the basic game, allowing players to focus on strategy and exploring different play styles. It has great replay value out of the box, you will almost never have the same game twice.

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