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Star Trek: Attack Wing

27 out of 32 gamers thought this was helpful

I’m not a Trekee or a Trekker, nor have I played the Star Wars themed game this one is similar to.

This game has pre-painted ships that fly around and blast each other. There are cards that convey special abilities, strategies to formulate and follow, and fun to be had if you don’t mind rolling lots of dice. A game of 3 ships on each side will take about an hour, some of which will be setup time.

What I liked:
What’s not to like about starships slugging it out? It is thematic and not terribly difficult to learn (15 minutes for a seasoned gamer). Ships can be customized to some extent by adding or subtracting upgrades, or swapping commanders. Play is streamlined so much that it would not be unusual for a 1 on 1 ship battle to end in 15 minutes.

What I’m lukewarm about:
I can’t decide if this game is “simple and elegant” or “too simple.” I love games like Mage Wars that have a wide variety of traps and options at every point. With ST:AW I find that the most effective strategy is simply to close with the enemy and slug away with a main weapon, turn, and repeat until one or the other ship is gone. True, there are cards that add slight modifiers or subtle abilities, but ships don’t last long enough in this game to develop truly deep gameplay.

This game belongs in a collection where someone wants to play a deeply thematic game that is fun but not terribly taxing or time consuming.

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