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66 out of 94 gamers thought this was helpful

Play this game:
-Love the idea of stoping a virus apocalypse!
-If you have time for an hour long game session
-If you enjoy challenging and exciting gameplay
-If you like to strategize with your friends
-If you have room for a large board game and no small children who will steal your cubes away
-If you love working hard to achieve victory and truly feel fulfilled when you beat the game!

Not so great:
-If you do not like coop games
-If you do not enjoy watching the world succumb to a terrible plague. In this game you will lose a lot!
-Have trouble tracking board games with maps and travel destinations
-If you are playing with inexperienced players the concept may be overwhelming or frustrating

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55 out of 63 gamers thought this was helpful

Play this Game:
-If you are in the mood for a quick game (under 10 minutes)
-like simple easy to learn mechanics
-You want a good board game for families of all ages, casual players, people new to board games
-if you enjoy elegant illustrations
-love labyrinths
-enjoy the concept of being a high flying dragon following a path that you and other players lay down (don’t crash!)

Not so great:
-if you play several times in a row you may easily tire of the game
-if you want a more challenging game (perhaps try Tsuro of the High Seas)

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